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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What did I see?

My daughter Emily is always telling me i should look around me for inspiration to write my blog on as there are times when i get bloggers-block. First off i normally write at 6:30 in the morning and it's 6:30 in the evening. As i look out the front window, the wind is blowing the branches of the trees, the rain is coming down and the sun is shining on the houses opposite. It is said that Englishmen can always talk about the weather, well are you surprised?

I once, several years ago now, travelled from my home in Yorkshire south along the M1 and in the space of about 200 miles we had travelled through sunshine, rain, thunder and lightening and even hail and snow. Thankfully there is no snow today. In fact i think it rained long enough to wet all my dry washing again, which was outside on the line, just before i arrived home about 2 hours ago. Another english thing i believe.

Anyway, today was the first week of the MIND mood boosting reading group, which is held at the local library. There were 9 of us today and a new lady called Diane who will be running the group. By the end i'm not sure she knew what to make of us or what to do with us, but any how she managed to get most of us to chose a book to read - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Scaffer and Annie Barrows. Not started it yet so i have no opinion, but will let you know.

Now the wonderful thing about autumn and the english weather is that you don't need to make any excuses about curling up on a comfy sofa with a fluffly blanket and a good book. So i would like to encourage you all to partake of such an adventure often and at will - enjoy.


  1. Aww such a nice thing to read in my day of randomness and stress. And yes creativity come from everywhere. I am in the mood to write btu because im at the libaray hmm heck why not blog comign up :p. Oh and well out of the window where im sat is a beautiful harbour being attacked by visious winds and scary looking waves . xx emily

  2. I read that book a year or so ago and loved it. Hope your reading group goes well. It sounds like fun.