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Monday, 26 September 2011

The greatest success to dieting is ...

... sleep!

Okay, it’s not sleep really but it is breakfast.  

The problem with night walkers is that they don’t get enough sleep during the dark hours of the night and therefore when it comes to getting up early enough to eat a proper breakfast they are just too tired to bother. The other point of note when it comes to night walkers is the fact that they snack all evening on food-like substances which are not really food.

Because our bodies are naturally hungry in the morning after 8+ hours of perfect sleep we should feed it. However, what to feed it? I am not a night walker and I cannot blame my lazy eating habits on lack of the right type of sleep nor the snacking late at night. I tend to sleep early but about 10pm and rise early about 6am. The problem I have is that I’m still lazy to cook food in the morning and often turn to a quick bowl of cereal or if I’m pushed some toast and jam. The only problem there is that an hour later I’m hungry again and then I start snacking and it not on the apple either. I don’t actually like apples.

I have heard it said in days gone past that we should go to work on an egg and eat an apple a day to keep the doctor at bay. There is some truth in this. For instance our bodies are built of protein blocks and throughout the day our bodies use these proteins to function and to repair itself, so it stands to reason that we should replace the protein that is used by eating more of it. 

Now I’m a lazy vegetarian, lazy because sometimes I need a bacon sandwich and haven’t yet given them up and do like the occasional piece of fish too. But, I could just as easily have a poached or scrambled egg or some baked beans on some toast. Another thing, I will not be giving up is bread. Bread can be one of the most processed foods there is but eaten in balance with everything else then why not, a bit of good bread. 

So it looks like breakfasts from now on will be egg, tomatoes (I love them out of the tin/can) and a slice of toast or for an alternative some baked beans on toast. Another great breakfast protein food is oats, as in porridge but watch out for the sugar and use skimmed milk.

I am talking to my sister here because I know she is reading this and she is a night walker, unlike me.
Let the healthy eating plan begin (I don’t like the word diet, means it will be bound to fail). 

ps. Tomorrow food diaries and do they work for me.

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