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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Today I weighed myself. It’s not something I do normally, although I do have scales that will weigh you to 0.1 of a lb. I weighed in at 248lbs (112.5kg or 17st 10lbs). I have put on 22lbs since I went off sick in May this year and it just as to stop .... STOP!!

Having a damaged knee may make exercise difficult but not impossible. I think the real problem is all the lovely goodies that I think my body needs but doesn’t really. I think my body has got to the point where it doesn’t know what food is supposed to taste like, as I eat far too much sugar. Crisps, chips, pies, etc I could give a miss to any day but a lovely bar of chocolate or a chocolate covered digestive and I just can’t resist. 

So I’ve decided to do a food diary, which will run a day behind as I don’t intend to stay up until I’ve eaten the last morsel of whatever grabs my fancy or until the very last stroke of midnight. Besides that would probably encourage me to keep eating until such time, which wouldn’t be a good thing.
I thought I would keep a food diary for a week, trying not to change too much of what I am eating and/or drinking. Also I hope to give some indication of the where and why of what I am eating. The plan is to be as honest as I can be in the hope it will either shock me or motivate me into doing something differently. A word of warning my diets normally last about 3 days maybe a week at tops but this as to be a whole life change and I’ve already said I don’t like ‘that’ word (diet) and I think it should be banned forthwith and immediately.

Monday food

Egg scrambled in microwave with little milk
1 slice toast no butter
3 tomatoes from a tin
Orange juice – small glass
I need to eat in the mornings so that I can take pain killers

Instant coffee with milk
4 fingered kitkat
Needed a drink so what’s better then a drink with a biscuit

Heinz Tomato soup
3 slices bread
More pain killers

Home vegetable curry with rice
Handful of peanuts
More pain killers

I did drink water or diluted juice throughout the day.

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