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Friday, 16 September 2011

Create space

I think if i was ever to move out of this house it would take me a month and that's not including packing before i even start to move things out. I look around and everywhere there are things i don't need, don't want, don't use and hidden under all these things are things that i do want, do need and would really like to use. 

In a box, on a shelf, in a room there is an whole collection of cd's and on these cd's are photographes. Thousands of them i would say, maybe even thousands and thousands. New technology maybe great but sometimes you just need to see the actually photograph. I keep meaning to get the cd's out and see what is on them and pick a few of my favourites and make a picture wall. I've picked the wall. I've even decorated it but i still haven't sorted through those cds.

Whilst i am on the subject of cds let me share a word about dvds. I am trying to get rid of mine. Okay they may be a few i would like to keep, mainly because they were given as gifts or just i enjoy watching them. But alas in this age of techno-wizardry i can watch any film within a few minutes with just a few clicks of my computer keyboard. So I am being brave. I have instructed my children to take whichever ones they want and except for a few the rest are leaving for sunnier climes.

I have many things in my home, which i no longer use but hang on to just in case but there are many people out there that may need what i have and no longer need. Modern society would have us believe that re-cycling is something new, well it's not, sensible man has always shared his surplus with others. I remember when i was a child my Dad bartering his surplus of home grown vegetables with that of a neighbour. I once said if the local council provided re-cycle bins, i would re-cycle, they did and i do, it's not enough we need to stop buying more of what we don't need and don't want. 

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