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Friday, 30 September 2011

Jumping around in the Night

No I wasn’t actually jumping around in the night but as I rolled over in bed about 3am I was suddenly struck with cramp in my right calf. I always remember my Mother telling me that when that happens I should jump out of bed and stand on a cold floor, then walk around until it eases.

With my left knee in continuous pain I wasn’t about to jump anywhere. So here I was at 3am with my right leg stuck as straight upwards as I could get it to go so I could grab the back of my calf and massage it vigorously to ease the cramp. It didn’t actually go completely until I was able to finally get myself out of bed and walk around.

Then I had another problem, I couldn’t get back to sleep. It is now 3pm and I have already been awake 12 hours so maybe I get to go to bed soon???

This would be the biggest problem to going back to work, I think. The fact that some nights I don’t sleep very well and some days my arthritis is more painful than others. I have already had the dosage of my pain killers doubled twice in the last two weeks and some days it’s not too bad but other days I think I could actually cut my leg off and probably wouldn’t even feel it, until I fell over of cause but then I often do that anyway.

So no sleep and an extra painful knee all day until now, at any rate who knows what is to come. If you want to know what it’s like to live with a debilitating disease/illness/disability you should have a read of Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino -
She has a way of saying it as it is and it’s all about choice. So what would you chose to do? What would be most important? 

2 weetabix with honey and milk
Packet crisps
Cake and mocha with my friend in costa
Liquorice allsorts
Steak pie
Apple pie and custard

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