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Friday, 9 September 2011

A list ...

... of what i have learnt. Your list will be different. Write one, put it somewhere and read it again in a year or more and see if it's still true. A few years ago when my oldest daughter Grace was at university some 222 miles away in Bath (according to Google maps) she became very ill and spent a week in hospital. I recieved the message at 10:30 at night and i don't drive so couldn't do much at that time of night. I prayed that night that i would feel she was save and being taken care of so i could sleep because being a nurse i know when a family member is sick it takes lots of energy that people dont always have enough because they can't sleep. I also phoned the local church near where she was at that time and i know people went to see her, people who were strangers but they went anyway and reassured me that though she was sick she was in good spirit. 

While i was staying at my daughter's students lodgings i wrote a list of things that i had learnt, things i thought were of value. I don't know if she still has the list and i'm sure this new list will be different in parts if not in the whole but these are the things i feel are important today; 

  1. Sleep before midnight - often
  2. Sleep 8 hours a night - most of the time
  3. Rise early - you will get more done
  4. Get ready for the day - dress to your shoes, so if you need to you can just walk out the door
  5. Eat breakfast - fruit, yoghurt, cereal, cereal bar, bread toasted or not but eat something
  6. Drink water - do not buy bottled water, the water from the taps in the UK is more then adequate
  7. Take lunch with you - its healthier and it's cheaper
  8. Girls should smell nice - a bath or a shower every day is adequate anything else, sprays, lotions, potions and perfume is extra
  9. Wash you face properly - buy a bar of oil based soap from Bodyshop, e.g coconut, olive, shea and use it every day. Use an exfoliatant once a week. Add a simple moisturiser
  10. Get your hair cut and styled regularly
  11. Dress appropriately - no one looks good in the wrong size or the wrong style of clothing
  12. Buy and wear nice underwear - make sure it fits correctly and so what if no one else sees it, you at least know what's under your clothes
  13. Take some daily exercise
  14. Get your weight under control and keep it there - not everyone is supposed to be super skinny and besides it's not any healthier then being over weight, unless it's your natural size
  15. Don't eat meat a couple of times a week - give your body a rest
  16. Eat fruit and vegetables
  17. Be honest - don't cheat you will only get found out and it may cost you more then you think, don't lie, the only person you are really lying to is yourself and don't steal, if it's not yours and you don't have permission don't take it, don't use it
  18. Live with heart and hands wide open - be generous with what you have and share it whenever possible and appropriate, likewise, be grateful for the blessings that you have
  19. Do the four, go to church, read your scriptures, pray, and pay your tithing
  20. A word on prayer, pray openly, pray in your heart, walk with prayers under your feet, pray for a blessing over your what you eat and drink daily, be thankful in your heart at all times
  21. Learn to meditate and practice daily
  22. Be clean - in mind, body and soul
  23. Strive to have the Holy Ghost with you all the time
  24. Save - yes money - no matter how little, a little goes a long way when necessary
  25. Always have enough money to get home
  26. Stay out of unnecessary debt - a car is not essential unless you need it for work and not to just get to work
  27. Don't gamble, not even the lottery
  28. Work for what you need
  29. Have a food storage - to last you at least two weeks
  30. Only buy cheap if it's worth it 
  31. Don't own what you don't need - someone else maybe able to use it, so share it
  32. Re-cylcle - when you can, don't use plastic bottles and bags and cups
  33. Read good books that have nothing to do with what you are studying
  34. Laugh often
  35. Be friendly
  36. Say I LOVE YOU


  1. Well i did put a messege but it decided not to send it :s But i said something like this: Your list is amazing and way to sensible to me but hopefully one day mine will look as sensible but i dont think that will happen for quiet some years :P
    p.s I love you mum
    love emily

  2. Emily, then you should just chose one and do that one until you're perfect in it then try a different one xx