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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Let no man deceive you ...

The Apostle Paul warns the Corinthians not to allow the wisdom of man to deceive them. 

The other day i was sat in Pizza Hut having lunch with a friend, but it could of been any fast food restaurant. At the next table a family had gathered including two small children, the youngest of which was a small boy of about 4 years. He followed the others to the buffet bar, helped himself to a plate, stood there holding the plate out for someone to place a triangle of pizza on it, then he carried his plate to the salad bar where yet another adult gave him the portions of salad that he requested. Now that's all well and good i can here you saying at least he had some salad with his pizza. I on the otherhand turned to my friend and made the following remark - i hope when i finally get grandchildren that none of them will know what to do when they come to pizza hut (or like place) when they are only four!

There are many things in this world that are set out to deceive us, even when we are not looking, or especially when we are not looking. There is a saying, which goes around in my head and i don't even know where it came from, it just seems to have always been there. To paraphrase it, it goes something like, Satan tells us 9 truths and 1 lie, but it's the lie that will always get you in the end. 

So back to the pizza lunch and the 9 truths;
  • its fun to eat pizza (or any other fast food) with friends and family
  • there is always salad
  • its convenient 
  • we will only eat here occasionally
  • it's just this once
  • children eat free
  • it's the holidays
  • we going out to see a movie 
  • there is a meal deal so it will be cheaper
And the 1 lie, that i bet you won't even hear 
  • it's necessary so that you will feel like part of the crowd
Now you can tut-tut at me if you want but think about it and then turn it to anything that is not of God and i bet you could make your own list. Be not deceived by the wisdom of the world but learn the truths of God who has given us all good things to eat and drink. Can you imagine saying to your friends i don't eat fast food any more????

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