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Thursday, 8 September 2011

To whom it may concern ...

Don't you just hate it when you get a letter addressed - To whom it may concern - ?

I mean what does it say about me? Am i not important enough for you, the writer, to actually find out who i am? I am a person, i am not a 'whom'. At least you could write 'Dear Sir or Madam' at least then i would know i was human. Or maybe you are actually writing to the cat? Then maybe you could write 'Dear Cat, oh Great and Majestic One - or something like that, she wouldn't mind.

There are days when i really do feel like a 'whom', not quite good enough to be human and often a little invisible to the world. I mean i am nobody special, i'm not a great beauty and i don't stand out from a crowd. Yesterday a bus driver tried to shut the doors of the bus and drive off whilst i was trying step off the said bus and then because i can only walk at a slow slow pace someone thought they would try and drive over me - I'm sorry i cursed you with a broken leg, honest i am. The next time you are somewhere busy just stand still and see how many people, other nobody specials, actually make eye contact with you. Not many i can tell you.

What does eye contact mean to us, the human race? It used to mean 'Good morning, how are you?' Now does it mean, i want something and i think you can supply it? Try making eye contact with people, try sending out a smile and see if it's returned, i bet if you can get one you can get the other. Stop being a nobody and start being the somebody God intended you to be.

I am nobody special and i write my blog for nobody special too.

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