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Friday, 23 September 2011

My body is a Temple ...

... my body is a Temple ... my body is a Temple.... it's my new mantra and you never know if i say it often enough it might even stick in my head long enough to do some good, but until then i thought i would like to share a few favourites of mine.

Firstly i'm a Marks and Spencer addict and nothing less will do, however i digress already trying to cover up my shame, oh the shame of it.

The lovely shop, as named above have produced totally chocolate covered digestive biscuits. They about the size of a saucer and come in a pack of 6. Each lovely biscuit is 165 cals. One on its own is fine for an occasional treat, but can you eat just one?? Personally i have to eat all 6, normally in quick succession but sometimes throughout one single solitary day. However i eat them by the end of the day they are all gone - 990 cals. 

Next up is what Carrs call Cheese melts. They come in a box. I've no idea how many come in one box but about 30 ish - probably more. Each cracker on its own is about 20 cals, no problem there. 5 crackers 100 cals - a treat. Well, i am owning up here and i can clear a packet in a day or so. Therefore my 100 cals can triple or quadruple - for instance 20 crackers is 400 cals. Marks and Spencer do their own version which are just as good and just as evil, in a very nice way of cause.
And the last little gem is Marks and Spencer Wiltshire Ham crisps. A 30 gram serving is 155 cals. They come in a 150gm packet. Therefore a packet is 775 cals. Before my daughter went off to university just the other week we would divide a packet in half by carefully weighing the contents and then sharing them out between us - 387.5 cals.

I don't normally eat all these things in the same day but definately in the same week. No sharing, no saving, i graze until they are all gone. Not good, and i may have to avoid the lovely Marks and Spencer's for a several weeks to come until i can control my craving. I need to lose a lot of weight. I know one treat a day is fine but several makes me a very fat person and a liar because i tell myself 'i'm not eating that much, i don't know why i'm putting on weight, honest, honest'. It totals to 2165 cals extra a week and sometimes more then once a week. I hearby confess, not to you but to myself.

... my body is a Temple ... my body is a ... chocolate biscuit... mmmm yes please!

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