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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Food Glorious Food

Is it worth the waiting for,
If we live till eighty-four,
All we ever get is,
Everyday we say a prayer,
Will they change the bill of fare,
still we get the same old

The words from the song from the show Oliver by Lionel Bart is a good way to start this post. is it just me or does food all taste the same? Why is it that bananas don't taste of anything any more and in particular they don't taste of banana. Or that you can't go into a sandwich shop or a cafe and buy a plain ham or cheese sandwich. They all have something added. Often something spicey and/or fattening. More on the lack of taste another time or maybe it's just me and taste buds have disappeared.

I am not going to name, names because i might get into trouble and besides it's down to individual choice but what happens when the choice you want isn't available. Now i like a hot chocolate. If i go to my favourite place for the said hot chocolate, a plain hot chocolate is about 215 cals for a prima sized. Or to you and me a small one, which isn't that small really. However i am always encouaged to add things to it such as syrup and cream. Now let me tell you something. Those extras will cost you nearly as much in calories as the drink itself. 

So the next time the specially trained barista says 'would you like???' don't forget to firmly shake your head whilst repeated the word 'no'. You may have to do this several times before you are heard but in the end it will be worth it, i am told. In fact practice in front of a mirror several times before using in public.

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