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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oh the wretchedness!!!

This morning I woke at 5:30 and climbed out of bed in need of a bathroom break (everyone needs one) only to find myself pitch forward into my daughter’s desk, I’m sleeping in her room at the moment, because of pain in my arthritic knee. Bearing in mind that yesterday I had a good day as far as pain went. I even managed to walk up stairs like a normal person; it’s my new thing, instead of one step at a time. And, I also managed to walk to the local shop for a loaf of bread with no aid (crutch or stick). I wouldn’t have like to have tried any further than that though. 

As you can imagine, or maybe you can’t, being pitched forward when I first stood up this morning was something of a shock to the system. To take pills (analgesia, pain killers) I need to eat at the same time of my stomach would just lurch and that wouldn’t be a good thing either. So at some ungodly hour this morning I had to make my way down stair, grab a slice of bread and then eat it, then take pills and then hobble back to bed. Where I laid huddled in my nice warm duvet feeling sorry for myself until my friend texted me at 8:30 (ish) to ask me to lunch. I did explain the situation to him and his texted reply was ‘its lunch then? :) 

So I hobbled out of bed again, ate some proper food. Did my exercises as prescribed by the physiotherapist – yes all of them – and put ice on my knee. By 10am I was beginning to feel a little more normal but still stressed when my sister phoned just for a chat. I had no sooner put the phone down when my friend from work phoned, just for a chat. It always amazes when that when things get on top of me someone just rings just for a chat, it’s like someone else is watching over me too. I did mention to my friend at lunch that I believed that there is some reason for all that is happening at the moment even if I don’t yet see it, God has a plan for me.

Bread and butter and pills


Bacon sandwich
Orange juice

Costa mocha and coffee cake

6 butter puffs crackers – calories??? Probably best not to ask
Philadelphia cream cheese – lots
3 slices of Marks and Spencer’s chocolate Swiss roll – about half the roll, calories don’t ask

Note to self do not buy anything in a big box or a full size or that is not individually wrapped.

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