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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What a weekend

I would have liked to have said that my weekend was amazing, but really it wasn’t, I was sick, I mean really sick. I think it was the new medication the doctor prescribed for me but if it was then they have left a lasting or maybe just a lingering stomach problem.

I would have also liked to have said that I have been eating lots of delicious fruit and vegetables, which is did for part of the week but alas for the second half of the week I ate whatever my stomach would let me, which unfortunately turned out to be chocolate, or is that fortunately? The one thing I have noticed about when I am sick is that I crave sugar, sweet things and yes chocolate.  

Now here is a thought: unfortunately one of my own although I know people have had the thought and followed it by action in the past. Could I really live on minimalistic food? Now don’t get confused with minimalism, that’s not what I am on about. So this is the thought; would it be possible to cut out all processed foods? Bearing in mind that one of the most processed foods is bread, and as westerners we do like our bread – don’t we? The definition of processed food that I have come up with is any product made up of more than one ingredient to the point that it resembles neither ingredient. 

 So in my thinking if I was to get rid of all the pre-packed, processed foods the food list would look like this; fruit, vegetables, pulses, brown rice, seeds, and herbs, you could also add organic meats, milk and eggs if you are so inclined.

As far as I can say for myself, I crave sugar and I suffer from withdrawal symptoms when I don’t have my daily fix. As I have tried to banish the sugar from my diet I have come to realise how addicted I am to the glittery, sweet crystals. 

Sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar – yes please.

PS – my Mother was 81 years old and my daughter Grace got engaged on the 7th October 2011

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