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Thursday, 20 October 2011

A ticket to ride ...

Or maybe not, maybe a ticket to work though!

I went to the doctor’s today and these days you don’t get a sick note you get a fit note. Which states that you are either unfit for work or it states you are fit to work under certain conditions. I received such a note today from my doctor. It states I can work with ‘amended duties’ and ‘altered hours’.

Now it is up to my boss and me to decide what exactly that means and if work can accommodate my needs. There is one thing I do know for certain that I can’t work in job that requires me to walk all day. I still walk with an aid, that’s what it’s called. In practice it’s a NHS stick. Yep, like the elderly use because now I my body is officially old. Well my knee is anyway.

There were also junior doctors in with my doctor today. I did tell them that I was kind of boring and not very interesting and which my doc said ‘yes, I was’. I think if the new doc’s become General Practitioners they will see a lot of patients with arthritis and will eventually not think it’s very exciting either. 

The reason I am trying the ‘work’ thing at this point is to see if it’s possible both for me and for work.

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