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Monday, 31 October 2011

Living Streets

I am trying to get organized and i know i've been a bit laxed and lazy with my blog this last week but it's because i've been living the high-life whilst staying at my daughter's house when she was away. Chance would be a fine thing but it was nice just having space to myself.

I can hear you asking - how is the fruit challenge going? Rubbish really. I have managed it a couple of times but yesterday i had some orange juice in the morning and i did have salad with my lunch but that's not really fruit, even i know that, so doesn't count.

And the exercises? About the same as the fruit challenge really. Like i have already said laxed and lazy. But when you are the worse at something there is plenty of room for improvement - so they say or someone does. I often wonder who 'they' are??

Actually i am stating that the exercise isn't going very well but last week i did a little experiment and tried walking a mile from my daughter's house to the local supermarket. It took me an hour. Most people can comfortably walk a mile in 20 minutes. I tried it a couple of times with similar results, it takes me 3x as long as anyone else to get anywhere. However i will map out a mile in my area and see how long it takes me to walk it and see if i can improve on the time and maybe, eventually the distance too. I also figured that i need to have the hour spare to just trot along at my extra slow speed, which even though i'm not yet back at work i am often busy doing, what? oh this and that, stuff, you know!

Anyhow on to other things, i found this web site, called Living Streets and it's an english site and not only does it encourage us to walk but also to help take care of our neighbourhood streets. I can also log how far i've walked in a day and gain points, erm nope, not sure what the points are for, will try and find out. 

Walking is supposed to be one of the best exercises we can do but i'm not sure it counts when you are walking like a snail. Monday seems to have become exercise day so i shall let you know how it all goes.

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