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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Oompa Loompa

I was just musing on the effect that food has on our bodies. Then my mind wandered to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Violet Beauregarde and the fact that when she ate a sweet that contained a three course dinner has she reached ther desert she became round and turned blue, like a blueberry.

This is what i mean, if I ate an orange would I become orange, round and dimply not unlike the Oompa loompa’s themselves. May be they had been eating oranges? Or may be carrots and broccoli? With orange faces and green hair the Oompa Loompa’s are industrious people always working hard and striving to do one better than before, imperfection isn’t allowed.

Now I make bread, or I used to when there was lots of us to feed. Yes, it was cheaper and it took time to do, in fact there were days when it was a daily chore. I always have a great feeling of satisfaction when the bread is finally cooked and out of the oven. Now my bread would be fresh enough to eat for about 36 hours, then it would be fit only for toast and within three days it would be starting to go mouldy. 

The problem with commercial bread is that we want/need it to last all week and the manufacturers know this and tries it’s best to fulfil our every desire. Now I’m sure when I was a child the bread was made from whole meal flour and at some point we began to eat white and now there is every shade in between to suit every taste and desire. I also get suspicious of bread that isn’t going mouldy or at least a little dry after three days. As you can tell comercially made bread bugs me and i think someone out there could do it better.

It seems that I’ve ranted on about bread but really this post wasn’t about bread it was about this; so do we really want to look like the food we are eating and what would we do if every time we ate a piece of chocolate and ... I will let you imagine. 

However, maybe it would get me to eat leeks and spring onions more, I rather like their shape but being a bit green might be a problem.

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