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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Chocolate or Potatoes?

I wanted to write a really exciting post about eating fruit and vegetables, but i really couldn't do it. Get excited that is. Now chocolate, that would be a whole different thing.

However, my mind is taken back to when i was a child and the fact that chocolate aka sweets were only allowed on weekends. birthdays, Easter and Christmas the rest of the time they just weren't available, neither was the money to buy such delicacies. I would like to state for the record that i haven't bought any chocolate since Sunday and i've eaten just one 2 fingered kitkat, yesterday. But i can feel my resolve weakening, feel myself being forced, body and soul, to the nearest shop for the chocolate delights that are know to be there. But i know that once i buy, then tatse the delicious chocolate, i know it will lie to me about it's real tatse for under the smoothness, there is that horrible soya taste. 

It's okay you can think i'm crazy, my children do so all the time, but i can really taste the soya. It's in everything that used to require butter and its foul. It is used as a cheaper alternative to butter and is supposed to give that lovely, smooth, buttery taste you are supposed to get from eating chocolate but alas it's just not there any more for me. Don't they realise they are killing the chocolate experience, crazy, mad world.

I know i said i was going to get excited about fruit and vegetables but they just don't move my soul in quite the same way. Maybe i'll tell you about my Dad the gardener? Now that was vegetables worth eating and i did once have a vegetable garden myself and there is nothing more satisfying then pulling up a potato plant and finding not one but a whole load of potatoes. If you have never grown potatoes you really should, some ideas on that another day, maybe.

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  1. the thing that i do is buy Somtthing i really want to eat in terms of pasts sauces and salad and eat that when i geta craving for chocolate, but i eat way to many sweets :P being at the glass center and working long hours its just easier but you would be proud of me i have taken to making lunch the day befor and taking it with me wooot :) Noooo chocolate hasnt definatley changed its just not as gud as it use to be stupid soya i mean i cnt say no buts its still not as gud :p Hmmm garden boxes and potatoes sounds gud to me :D