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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Little Exercise

Did you do a little exercise today?

I use to say that I exercised every day. In fact on work days I would claim that I would walk miles and miles, which was true. However on the other days I hardly did a thing but sit and vegetate in front of the computer and I wasn’t always doing something useful either.

Now exercise is slow and painful, but is part of my ever day life. 

Back in May when I, in quick succession saw first an orthopaedic consultant, then a physiotherapist and then had a MRI scan of my knee to finally go back to the consultant and be told it was osteoarthritis, I was dumbfounded, gobsmacked and shocked. I lay all the accusations at God’s feet, why me, why now, why this, why that? This was supposed to be my time to finally live. My youngest daughter was going off to University and was going to work and to enjoy my life.

In the beginning I could barely walk at all. It was tip-toe or it was a slide. My knee would neither straighten nor bend and the pain was beyond my ability to understand.  Just physically getting out of bed was a great trial and socks, nor point even thinking about wearing any? 

First I was afraid to try and do too much because I was being told I had injured this or that in my knee but once I knew it was arthritis, something that won’t get better but can be managed I decided to start and fight back. Some days it beats me down but the next day I try and get up and fight back again.

When I first attended the physiotherapist I was very much leaning towards my good side, the right side, and I couldn’t understand how these tiny little exercises she was teaching me would make any difference. But, one exercise led to another and from shuffling in there on day one with two crutches today I walked out with a walking stick. It’s not very posh but its progress. I now walk in a very slow but I would say dignified way, even if my daughter thinks I look like an old lady. I am also beginning to walk up stairs, like a normal person and not one step at a time.

If all we can do is a little and it is our best, then a little will do, but we must be honest with ourselves so we can grow and move forward one little bit at a time. 

Orange juice
Coffee and cake
Cheese and onion bake
Croquette potatoes
Baked beans
Chocolate Rollo pudding
9pm 3 digestive biscuits so i can take my pills

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