from fat to thin

Thursday, 13 October 2011


'I’m all made of hinges, ‘cause everything bends.
From the top of my neck way down to my ends.
I’m hinges in front, and I’m hinges in back;
But I have to be hinges, or else I would crack!'

(Aileen Fisher, LDS Children’s Song Book)

So the children sing at church and on the word ‘crack’ fall to the floor, laughing.

Yes, thankfully we are all made of hinges. I think not being able to bend anywhere would be rather inconvenient. I mean just think how difficult it would be to put your shoes on or brush your hair. There are medical conditions that make bending difficult, arthritis being one of them. They have no idea why arthritis develops but they think it may have a genetic link. 

Now some people love exercise. They really can’t get enough of it but really I’m not one of those people and a nice easy stroll a couple of times a week round the local park and lots of excuses as to why I don’t do so every day is more like me. And I lie a lot. I mean I have a job where I walk all day, surely that’s enough?

However having to learn to walk again as not been easy and is often painful and sometimes just plain frustrating. I have learnt to shrug and walk off when I drop something in a shop because to me there is no point in agonising over whether I can retrieve whatever it is or not, the answer is not.

I now have an exercise routine which I try to do every day because it keeps me mobile. I thought I would share it all with you but you would probably fall asleep half way through with boredom. So here is a simple stretch to start off with, the very, very basics of my daily exercise. The first thing I had to learn to do were stand up straight. I had learnt to lean towards my good side, which didn't hurt.

Full body stretch

Stand feet hip width apart. Raise both arms above your head interlocking the fingers and facing the palms of your hands upwards. Stretch upwards and hold for several seconds. bring your arms down and take them behind your back, inter-lacing your fingers. Lean forward from the waist allowing you arms to dangle in front of you, fingers apart and stretch. See if you can touch the floor. Try and keep your knees straight. Relax your knees and uncurl your spine until you are upright. Raise both arms above your head interlocking the fingers and stretch. Unlock your fingers, brings arms down to each side of the body and raise up on your toes and hold. If you can do this without wobbling too much your body is in alignment, i couldn't but i can now. Release and relax.  Try repeating this one exercise first thing in the morning and last thing at night.


  1. lol are you trying to call me fat :O lol kidding yeah i really need to stretch the glass blowing is heavy and quick so hurts my shoulders :s Wow hinges havent heard that in forever lol dont thin i could collapse as well as i could bak then love emilys x

  2. But a lovely all over body stretch would make you feel so much better x