from fat to thin

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Well, I did do something -

Last week I lost 5lbs in weight and that’s a good start but I know I have already slipped back into my old ways, which weren’t good in the first place. 

This morning I was reading a newsletter from Tess daily over at The Bold Life, a blog. One of the few that I keep heading back too and she was talking about ‘taking five swings of an axe’ to chop down a tree. She wasn’t really on about axes or trees but was illustrating a point. That if we make 5 small changes it can make a big difference to us. 

So she got me thinking what 5 small things could I do each day that would make a big difference and help me to remove the tree in my way? I decided that firstly I needed to give the tree a name, a little pause and a little thought but really the name of the tree is osteoarthritis. Then I started to think about a goal, what do I really want to achieve and why and am I doing it, for someone else of for me, because fulfilling someone else’s goal is doomed to fail before I even start.

So the goal is this to be able to go back to work in the job I was previously doing without having major surgery to my knee at this time. There are reasons for the second part but I’m not intending to discuss them here. The problem with osteoarthritis is that it’s not curable and they don’t really understand why it occurs. 

So 5 swings of the axe:-

1.       Exercise every day – get moving, keep moving

2.       Stop drinking coffee – I’m owing up, this is a onetime offer

3.       Stop being a lazy vegetarian – going out to dinner may be the exception, doesn't happen often

4.       Meditation – I’m a great believer in mind over matter, that we can help heal our bodies by spending time with them

5.      Write about it - state what I am going to do, do it, then say if it helped

If I could have 6 I would add eat fruit. I love fruit and there is so much to choose from I couldn’t ever get bored. So why do I end up throwing out more then I eat?  If I was to say why I think it is so, I would say that it stemmed from childhood where there wasn’t a lot of anything spare going round and we weren’t encouraged to just eat everything in one go. 

So here I am and I haven’t done any of those this morning. I shall repent. Okay I did do number 5.


  1. fINALLY FOR ONCE I CAN SAY I HAVE READ IT AND HAD TIME TO READ IT PROPperly. The 5 steps sound great but i have so many things to worry about i could never narrow it down so becoming less stressed should be one but the rest no way. The fruit i agree with and should eat more too and the lazy vegetarian made me laugh :p Love emily xx

  2. Your 5 steps will be different to mine, it will depend on what you need to chop down the tree that is in your way xxx