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Thursday, 9 June 2011

When we are called

Sometimes God calls us to serve and we try not to listen. 

To step up, to step out of the world is a brave thing to do.

Many have done it before us and i we think 'why me? What is it that makes me any different from anyone else? 

However when the call comes we have two choices we either serve or we dont.

C. S Lewis in his book Mere Christianity, stated (to paraphrased) that God either exists or He doesnt, there is no half way mark. We can't chose just to follow the teachings that we want to and pretend the others dont exist. It's either all or nothing. But when you know that God exists, how can you chose nothing?

In the Bible i love Jonah. Jonah was called to teach the wickedest people he knew of in the most degregated and immoral city there was. He went, he looked and then he turned his back on Ninevah. But the Lord had called him and He wasnt going to let Jonah of lightly. During a storm at sea, Jonah was washed overboard and was swollowed by a large fish. Jonah sat in the belly of the large fish three days until he agreed to fulfil God's mission and then the fish vomited Jonah on to the seashore.Jonah prophecied the destruction of Ninevah if they did not repent and then was angry with God when they did repent and the city was saved. (Jonah 2-4).

I dont think God will put me into a belly of a great fish mainly because i live in the middle of a city but i cannot deny that He exists and that He has a great work for me and for all those who answer the Call to serve.

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