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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hubert Hirst about 1963
When i was 18 about 30 years ago, that's not a difficult sum so i won't add it up for you, I started researching my family tree. Back in those days, many moons ago, it was hard work. Most records were on microfilm or microfiche or you always had the parish records to fall back on. Many people now have an interest in finding out who they are, where they came from an if great-great- grandfather left any money. I have managed to track my family back to the 1500's or even further, with help from my sister Carole. 

So how did you do it, i hear you cry!

This is how you begin - Buy a book and a pen or two and write down your name, your date of birth and where you were born. Add to this your spouse's information and your children's and their spouses and children if they have any. Don't forget marriage dates and places to.

Next write down your parent's information, remember to add a marriage date and place. Add your brother(s) and/or sister(s) information and their spouses and children, and their children's children if they have any.

Go and talk to your mum and dad. Add to your information their mum and dad, and their brothers and sisters and their spouses and children and anyone else they come up with it. 

Just a word of caution; all the information that my mother gave me was correct but it didnt always belong to the person she believed it to have done and so don't be surprised by anything,

Now you have a whole list of informationn you have no idea what to do with, it definately needs some order.

This may be useful -

PAF stands for personal ancestral file, add your information one person at a time, this way you will be able to see what information you have missing then add this information as you acquire it. The one thing i have noticed recently about my own family tree is that i don't have many death dates, it's not always easy to find all the information you are looking for and there are times when the information comes from unlikely sources, but welcome ones but more about that another time.

The Bindley wedding, first look at how posh they all are!

back row left to right - unknown male, Fred Bindley (bro), James Spencer (groom), Vera Bindley (bride), Unknown male possibly William (Bill) Bindley's brother, William (Bill Bindley). Front - Unknown female possibly Eva Sowden (sis), Harry Norton, Rene Bindley (sis), Maud Bindley (sis), Norah Norton, Emma Bindley (mother - nee Sowden) (1936, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England)

So if what we know about this photograph is correct it contains both my maternal grandmother and my maternal great grandmother and is an absolute gem.

And this beautiful lady is my paternal great grandmother Rosetta Dean.

More about these people and how i managed to join together 13, 700 + people.

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