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Monday, 27 June 2011

Mother's Wisdom

I wanted to share some of the things I have learnt from my Mother, My mother who is called Marion and is now in her 81st year. 

My first thoughts were of the practical things that my mother taught me how to do, such as; getting dressed, eating with a knife and fork, baking, knitting and cooking in general. Then my thoughts drifted in a direction that I didn’t expect to things that weren’t so obvious but yet mean so much more. 

So I took the time to reflect upon all the things that my mother has taught me and I came up with four I would like to share.

Be Brave
My Mother taught me to be brave in the face of adversity and trials. Sometimes we have to do something that we really don’t want to. Last year my Mother’s brother, my Uncle Alfie died after a long and difficult illness. I know she didn’t want to have to face her nephew yet another Alfie because when someone dies it feels like a failure. But she went to the funeral and we went too and were brave with her because being there for each other is sometimes the only thing we can do.

Have Courage
When I was 35 yrs old my marriage failed. It had been heading that way for some years but we kept trying and now it was done. It was at this point that I finally told my mother I loved her and then she had the courage to say it back. Love is the thing that gives us courage to stand and be strong. 

Be Patient
Sometimes the things that we want to happen either don’t happen as quickly as we expect them too or they in the way we would like and sometimes we just need to wait and see. My mother has spent 18months waiting for something very important to happen and I now know that it as but life is not always so straight forward.

Trust God
I have been taught that there was a God that heard prayers and answered them. It wasn’t ever forced on me but it was always just around, a feeling. When I was 14 yrs old I went to find God for myself. The God I found was the same God my mother had taught me about but I now saw him differently. I learnt that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost was not a three-in-one but three individual entities. But it was still a God who I should trust, who would love me no matter not. 

Our mother’s can teach us many things. I’m not what my children have learnt from me, that’s for them to settle on and maybe time will tell. 

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