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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Morning has broken ...

I'm sure that was a song, or a hymn, in fact i know it is.

On the first morning God created the heaven and the earth but it was without void or form and there was no light. The very first thing that God creates is light. A greater light to rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night, namely the sun and the moon. And He called it the first day and saw that it was good.

Have you ever had to plan something big? Like a wedding or a party? Can you remember all the prior planning to just make one thing happen as it should and how you would find anyone who knew what they were doing because they had done it before.

After all the planning and preparation, the moment comes and you switch on the light and there before you in perfect array is all you had been planning. And you looked and you said 'it was good.'

What would it have felt like to have been there on that first morning to see that first sunrise and at the end of the first day to see the first sunset? Each day we have the opportunity to experience that feeling, yes it may mean you have to arise early or tear yourself away from the lastest episode of your favourite programme or that really exciting bit of your online game. But then you will be able to experience that first day all over again.

In the mornings i often open the back door of the house to allow the night out and the morning in but my children (who are not little) complain that it's cold but i say it's fresh. Often after dinner has been eaten and the plates have been cleared away i will sit on the back step and feel the last of the sun's rays has it drops behind the neighbouring houses and says goodnight for another day. Again my children will ask me why i sit there and complain it's cold. It's a time of reflection, a time to pause and remember that first day.

Enjoy the first day, every day.

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