from fat to thin

Saturday, 25 June 2011


I think my whole week as been a week of compassion, for me, i might add. So today i'm grateful for those who have shown me compassion, whilst i continue to hobble about on crutches.

The Gifts

- The elderly gentleman who held open the car door
- Being taken out for lunch to stop the boredom
- Bumble bees
- Butterflies
- Strawberries and cream
- Automatic doors
- Nurses
- For all those strangers who just say 'after you' and let me hobble into lifts and through doorways first
- The Last Supper
- The Sacrament
- Forgiveness
- Birthday surprises
- Pink envelope from Mum and Dad
- A funny postcard
- A friend with a good heart
- Daughter home from university
- A blessing that took away the pain
- Fields full of poppies
- Seeing the sea
- The Glass Factory and the glass roof
- The sunshine and the showers
- And loving hearts

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