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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Still bridging the gaps

As i said last week i'm trying to create order out of chaos and it's kinda coming together, but i've also learnt that it will take more time and i really will have to be more organised. But just don't i've forgotten my declartion this is what i've come up with;

Monday will be Mothers words. It will contain words from me has a mother, things i have learnt from my mother and my grandmothers and from other women who talk about mothering and mothers in general and in some ways how to mother, because we all need help with that.

Tuesday will be 'Tuesday talk-about'. This is where i will share a book or a poem or even a film???

Wednesday will be 'Write about'. I'm not a great writer and i don't profess to be a scholar either but here i want to share the importance of Journal writing. Those day to day things that we warble on about may not be important to us but for those who follow us they are their history.

Thursday is food day. I'm not a great cook either. I'm a throw it in and see how it develops. My favourite celebrity chef is Jamie Oliver and i wish i could cook like he does, but i don't i do it my way.

Friday will be Family Day. Here i will talk about Family History, Family trees and how to find someone who doesn't want to be found. How i managed to weedle out the right Rebecca Pollard (my great grandmother) from a selection of six possibilities. Also hoping to show what to do to bring your hard work together. I will introduce you to my Dad next week.

Saturday will always be gift day.

Sunday is the Sabbath unto the Lord. Here i will share some spiritual insights from the scriptures, books and from my heart.

So my plan is to set it all going from Saturday onwards, watch this space.

Life is journey and i invite you walk some of your journey with me.

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