from fat to thin

Friday, 3 June 2011

Today was an easy choice

When you have nowhere left to turn.

When life has thrown you so many curve balls you dont actually know which way is up any more.

When you think you should feel like wonder woman but you dont.

When you feel like you have been left out in the cold and things are a little chilly.

There is usually only one set of people you can turn too, that's family.

Julie, Stewart, Beverley, Carole, Daddy, Mummy

We may have had our ups and downs but when that worse thing happened we all ran to the middle, grabbed on tight and didnt let go until we know its okay to do so.

Carole, Barbara, Stewart, Beverley

There is nothing like family, family is forever.


  1. I've learned that {again} with the passing of my father week before last.

    I appreciate my family in a new and different way.

  2. I think its hard to let anyone go even when we know where they are and that we will see them again.
    My niece danielle aged 21, died 18months today in a car accident. No one can tell us why. Some days it's just really hard. I hope you find peace.