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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Faith - is doing the little things

At church today Tom spoke about faith and this one statement stayed with me - 'Faith is doing the little things'. We often aske God why we haven't recieved this blessing or that blessing but then we take a step back and realise that we are entitled to the blessing we so dearly need after all. 

Most of us have faith that when we go to bed at night the morning will come and the car will start and we will get to work on time and be ready for the day. However many of us just expect it to happen. So we hit the alarm button for 10 more minutes and then maybe we do it again. We had planned to make lunch the night before but hadn't quite got round to it and we were going to iron that shirt we needed for today but we just didn't.

James 2:20 reads - 'But wilt though know, O vain  man, that faith without works is dead'

It is alright having the faith that the morning will come but if we are not prepared we will fail. Yes, the morning will still come but instead of the healthy lunch you had in mind it ends up being whatever you can procure from the nearest shop and instead of th neatly pressed shirt its a t-shirt or a quick run over with the iron but you can't take your jacket off all day or someone  else will notice.

Faith is in the little things we do every day. To pharaphrase C S Lewis in his book Mere Christianity - the tone of the whole day is set by the thoughts we have first thing in the morning. Those very first thoughts. So what if we stopped presuming that God will walk with us today, tomorrow and every day, why don't we spend a few minutes inviting him to walk with us, through prayer and reading his Holy word.

Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge but we can prepare ourselves to recieve instructions from God line upon line throughout our day. Faith is in the little things that we do every day but it's up to us to exercise our faith.

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