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Thursday, 10 November 2011

What's your favourites?

If we are supposed to eat our favourite foods, then mine would be fish finger sandwiches (white bread), coco pops, chocolate, strawberries but only when they taste of summer, my mother's stew and dumplings, meat and potato pie, shepherds pie, rice pudding, well cooked beef and yorkshire puddings, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, i could go on but i won't.

As you can see there are some good foods and some not so good ones so why is it that i am sat here eating peanut butter sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and the drink of the day is cherry coke - full fat. The reason, cooking for one is no fun. Also ...

I like to cook, i really do ... but money is extrememly tight and i keep trying to keep the food for a rainy day. Looking out the window it looks like that day is here - 'rain, rain, go away come back another day' and don't bring the snow. So i need a plan, actually i think it's called a menu. 

I have read somewhere this week, i think it leo babatuo who said that if we have the same food for breakfast and lunch we only need to plan dinner. Now there's a very sensible chap. However i often have lunch out with a friend (he pays, most of the time and i love him for it) which normally consists of hot chocolate/coffee and cake. Now i am absolutely certain that none of those lunches should be included in an healthy diet on a day to day basis. We have both thought long about the problem but really there isn't a better alternative. Before you moan about the cake-thingy all the panini's have more fat and more calories then the cake i eat, so there - i checked. 

So the dilemma remains, what shall i eat, how shall i eat and how often? 

There is nothing wrong with a favourite now and then - fruit jelly and ice cream anyone?

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