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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

eat what you fancy

I'm having one of those moments when i really don't know what i want to eat and all i keep hearing is 'eat what you fancy'. To tell the truth i don't fancy anything. Even half my dinner went in the bin last night - again. Okay there is plenty of me and i'm unlikely to starve to death just yet but food holds no delight for me any more, not even chocolate.

My specialist thinks i may also have the beginnings of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as the osteoarithis. I didn't think it was possible but apparently it is. The RA normally affects multiple joints and opposite joint, such as both hands, both feet. Whereas OA can effect just one joint but sometimes more. RA is an immune response from the body, basically my body is overeacting and is now fighting itself and the OA is normally wear and tear on a particular joint. Hope that make sense?

What the causes? no one knows but it's thought to be genetic. Treatment: pills - my body doesn't noramally like those very much - and diet - need to try harder - including a dairy free diet but it does like citrus fruit (oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes) and exercise, of cause.

I'm feeling a bit scared to eat anything this morning as once you stop something that is causing an allergic reaction your body will never be able to tolerate it again and how do you actually go 'erm, no milk please'. And what do you eat? There is dairy in many foods, especially processed food and i like cereal with milk, breakfast and supper, oh and chcocolate. And what will my family say erm do erm say erm do erm say erm do erm you get the picture when i tell them that my house is now dairy free? And where to start? do you go the whole hog and just banish all dairy or do you wean yourself off it slowly? And what is dairy free chocolate actually made from? 

I did read somewhere this morning that those who suffer migraines and breathing problems can also suffer RA and that's definately me on both accounts. I've had on going migraines all my life accompanied with flair ups from time to time and i suddenly started with breathing problem about three years ago, with no known cause but treated as asthma to which it took some time to respond but is now reasonably under control.

My body is poisoning itself and i'm hoping i can slow the decline but it's hard to know where to start???

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