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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


There comes a point in life when we all have to say 'this isn't working' whatever 'this' is depends on the individual. I have been readings a number of blogs recently about finding your 'passion' and following your 'passion' and giving up the 9-5 job and breaking free of restrictions  - and all that. The other thing that seem to be repeated is that you don't have to continue to do a menial job just to pay the bills. Personally i'm really grateful for someone who does the menial jobs, thank you. 

I know a man, who is long time retired, who i think he would still say that in his time he had a powerful job but life being what it is and time bring changes that job was no longer available to him and therefore he had no job. He was not far from retirement and did not feel that retraining was what he needed to do. He got a job, a job people would see as menial and i'm sure it wasn't anything to do with 'passion'. The job? he cleaned streets for the local council but i can tell you now those street were the most cleanest streets in the whole of the area. He did best job he could under the circumstances. He made it his 'passion'.

We don't have to earn a pay packet fulfilling our passion but we do need to be passionate about what we are doing whatever it is. I'm grateful for the man that walks down every day picking up litter and for the ladies who continually clean the public toilets in the bus station and i'm really grateful for the tea-lady at work who without whom life would be even busier, who is actually known as a House keeper and does a beautiful job and we know instantly when she isn't working that day.

Yes, find your passion and enjoy it, we only have today we may not have tomorrow.

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