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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Bread post

(I wrote this last week but never posted it - erm - no idea!)

Food seems to be a problem right now. I’m so bored of food and I really have no desire to be entertained by it. Everything either tastes of nothing or it tastes of metal – iron. And headaches or just a nagging head that never seems to go away either. So I don’t really know what to do with this foodie problem I seem to have, I know I need to make changes but I’m not sure how to even start.

I keep reading lots of foodie blogs and some of the food looks delicious but it all seems to be mixed together whereas I would love a slice of well-cooked roast beef and my mother’s Yorkshire puddings on the side with lovely gravy that only my mother can make. Who as the time any more to make anything fresh? Besides I keep venturing down one road and then down another road and heading off down a branch line here and there but not really coming up with anything solid, concrete. Saying that concrete is not as solid as they thought it was when they first invented it.

Take bread for instance. I like my bread fresh, I mean really fresh. I only wish I had the tenacity to make fresh bread every day but there lays another problem, getting down to light the oven. Maybe I could see if I could get someone to mend the thingy button that lights the pilot light. Then it would be a doddle. I’m surprised that my computer accepts that doddle is word, oh well we live and learn. Now back to bread. I don’t really like the packet bread, it tastes better from the bakery counter. Morrison’s supermarket bakery bread is better than Asda’s why? Because it goes off or should I say it goes dry after three days. Freshly baked bread should only be fit for toast after three days not three weeks. 

So what is the easiest way to eat healthier? Stop eating altogether for 24 hours, fast in other words and then start by only eating fruit and then adding nuts, rice, vegetables, oats, etc. Eating a perfect diet is possible but if you want to be still part of the human race you have to be able to give and take a little. Although they do say that if you give up eating all the junk; sugar, salt, prepared foods, dairy, wheat, meat, (life would be very boring) you would eventually sort out what you were allergic too or sensitive too and then you could eliminate that one thing. 

I don’t know what is happening to my body maybe it’s just old age but it does feel like my body is attacking itself, fighting to just exist. As for my friend, I know he’s concerned but I also think he thinks I’m a little crazy. Maybe it’s just all part of God’s plan and when I’m finally doing what the Lord wants me to do I’ll get better or better – er at least.

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  1. You told me to do the starving for one day thing hmm never really got round to it, but im loossing wait and toning p and making time to make my food . Time always seems to be people problem and that there issnt enough , well there is we just fill it with meanless stuff :o. But i say goodluck to you mum and which ever road you go down and everyone has a different idea stop reading books and blogs and find your own way of doing it xxlove emily