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Monday, 7 November 2011

Sometimes you need goals

our house in the middle of the street
Sorry my post is late today but i wanted to do something first. That is take a walk. At the moment i tend not to walk too much in one go, although i am getting very good at hobbling from one bus to another. 

Osteoarthritis needs exercise. In the morning most of my joints are stiff and often painful and hobbling to the bathroom next door is all i can do until the pills work and the pain is reduced. Up to two weeks ago i had a routine, take pills, eat breakfast, check emails, wait and hour then get up, do exercises, have a bath, get dressed and i was doing really well but then life took over and i started thinking too much and became too stressed and everything fell to pieces.

To cut a long story short i haven't done any exercise, except for the odd hobble here and there, for two whole weeks. It's disgraceful it really is and i can't even blame anyone else, so it's all my fault. So i decided that today was the day i would get back on tract. I followed the plan as above but i also added a walk, it was a very short walk but i know i had to start somewhere.

The photograph shows the street i live on, looking down from the top. I actually live right by the tree on the left as you look at the picture. So i decided that i would find one of the many abandoned pedometer's i have in my house, attach it to myself and walk from my house, down the street, across the road, back up the other side, across the road and down the street again back to my house. It came to 446 steps. Not very many but at least i know where i'm starting. The goal is to add about 10% extra steps every 3 days (Sunday not included) until i can walk a mile = 3,000 steps approximately. It's going to to take a while but i shall try and keep you updated. As for the other exercises after doing x6 repeats today my worse knee had, had enough and so i struggled to add another 2 repeats but then had to quit. So it really is baby steps.

As for all those abandoned pedometers in my house; if time team ever came to excavate my house in the future they would be completely bemused by all these small plastic squares with metal balls inside them and what they were used for and why i had so many.

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