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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

You never know ...

Sixteen weeks ago i slipped on a tiny-teeny envelope on the stairs in my house and i slid down eights steps and landed with my left foot hitting the floor first and then my bum sitting on the bottom step, causing the whole force of the fall to hit my knee - hard. 

At first it was a bit stiff, a bit swollen, a bit sore. I did the cold compress, pain killers and hot water bottle routine but eight weeks after the fall my knee gave way whilst at work. The pain was so bad that i couldn't walk on it. However the following day i ended up at my GP's who signed me off sick and referred me to the physiotherapists, which i have yet to see.

Four weeks later my knee gives way again and i end up at the accident and emerency where i saw a really nice doctor who gave me a list of a diagnosis, damage to the lateral collateral ligament, miniscus tear, and maybe cartlidge damage. That list isn't good. He referred me on to the big-guns the orthopeadics

Yesterday i had finally earned enough points to see a surgeon but the news wasn't good. They can't repair it, they can't make it better the best they can hope for it to make my knee workable so i can walk on it. So now i need a scan and then i start physio next week. The reason they can't repair it is because i have arthritis and the dangers of the surgery are greater then the success. Although he did say i cant go swimming although i can ride a bicycle and should do so. Also no clinical work, so right now no work.

I am (trying) to read a book called Gilead by Marilyn Robinson and no its not another book review and one of her characters says the following, 'there is a blessing in this somewhere...' Right now it's a little difficult to see where but maybe in time it will come to light. 

My daughter Emily came with me yesterday and i know she was trying to brighten the mood and we got to talking about what we could do with crutches, other then the obvious and this is a few suggestion;

  • turn them upside down and use them a metal detector
  • digging to Australia (i really want to go to the beach and see the sea - on crutches - maybe not)
  • lightsaber - like in star wars
  • or just a boring old gun
  • rubbish picker-up-er
  • a oar, we just need the boat

This is what i have actually done; damaged at least two ligaments the medial collateral  and the anterial collateral and maybe more and maybe a tear in the miniscus, which because they can't repair because of the arthritis. 

The moral of this story - You never know ...


  1. I love the bottom picture, see you can still can can on crutches

  2. now all i need is some money and we will all be fine lol x