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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

There you are

 Oh! There you are! 

I don't remember you looking like - that.

Are you sure it's you?

Or maybe it's your Mother?

Where did those lines comes from, laughter they say or that streak of white in your hair?

Yes those eyes look right, they look like mine and behind those streaks of grey there is still lots of red hair. Now my Mother doesn't have red hair but just for a moment has i passed the bathroom mirror i thought i saw my Mother. 

Whenever my Mother sees a photograph of herself these days, she always remarks 'yep, that's me'.

We often judge ourselves by what man sees and not by what God sees (Sam 16:7). The worth of a soul is so great that He calls us his sons and his daughters. No matter who we are or what we look like God loves us as we are and when you are feeling low repeat the following 'God loves me'. Keep repeating it until you feel it in your heart for God does love you.

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