from fat to thin

Friday, 15 July 2011

...there is a blessing in this somewhere ...


I'm sitting at the kitchen table with the back door open to let the night out and the morning in. The sun is shining, the sky slightly cloudy and the air has a slight chill.

I have a big window in my kitchen and like all my windows it looks out onto more houses. Against my window a big-fat-bumble-bee continues to try and escape. I mean it must have come in the door so why has it got so confused and why can't it just go out the way it came? The window and the door are about 1meter apart its not even a great distance so why can't it see?

There have been many times in my life when i couldn't see the door standing open and would continue to hit my head against the window in the hope that that would become my escape, but sadly and usually i would just end up with an headache.

How many times does Jesus stand waiting with the door open so that we can escape. He showed us the way to live forever but yet we often continue to hit our heads against the windows of life. He counsels us to 'come unto me', 'be even as i am', 'be perfected in me.'

Now i'm not perfect, i think my children would agree and i often stand with my head pressed against the window moaning my loss and saying 'why me Lord? why now? now what am i going to do?
But then in that moment He sends his peace and although the way forward may not be any clearer i know that He will not leave me nor forsake me in my hour of need. Jesus is my Saviour, my Prophet, Priest and King and i know that He will show me the way out by showing me to the door.


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