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Friday, 29 July 2011


Shopping is such a chore when you have to walk on crutches all the time and the ability to carry even a small bag is difficult and it interfers with the walking. So today i managed to get my daughter Emily to come shopping with me. I needed to get a birthday present and some new jeans. It was hard work and took forever but was done in the end.

However last night i did some online retail therapy. Check what was out there and what a women of 48 should be wearing or not as the case may be. So this is what i found.

  • A woman over 40 shouldn't wear a mini, no matter how good your legs are, skirts should be no more then an inch above your knee.
  • You shouldn't show your middle, it's not the done thing no matter how toned it is.
  • so add to that no low rise jeans (not comfortable anyway) boob tubes, skinny rib tops that are too short.
  • no jeggings - no idea why anyone would want to wear them anyway
  • no leggings unless you are wearing them under a long tunic or a dress
  • no skinny jeans they only look good on the young
  • buy/wear the right size no matter what
  • leave the flowery curly wurly hair accesories for your kids to wear
  • the same goes for bright odd coloured nail polish - my daughter had bright green on today or was it aqua blue. I don't but it was the same colour as her cardiagan. stick to the pinks, browns, corals, etc.
  • wear proper fitting underwear
  • no t-shirts with odd slogans, odd writing or even odder prints
  • no shorts unless you are going to the beach or the back garden
  • wear the right jewellery, not the kind where someone walking past you goes 'oh there goes a necklace or ear rings.'
  • have your hair cut and styled regularly
 But on the whole I had a good day out.

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