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Monday, 18 July 2011

New Title

I've been going to change my blog Title for sometime as my other one was too long and too difficult to find, even for me. I'm not a professional writer, one day i might write a book but it's not really in my plans, although other people keeping telling me I should. So most of the time i just jot down some ramdom thoughts and see where they lead. Although there are times when i ponder a while before starting or i will have read something or maybe i will just be inspired by life. Either way I just scribble a few words and i often think of it as a Journal.

Choosing a name for your blog is a daunting task. My three daughters have all come up with something short and snazzy and i just despaired. Then there are the ones that are professional at this blogging and do it as a job, i don't think I am one of those either, but you never know, i might be - one day!

I did try a theme for each day-thingy but that didn't work for me so i'm kinda scrapping that. Emily, number two daughter says i talk about God too much and I should talk about myself more, but God is my passion and i teach Sunday school every week, which i can assure my Bishop that i love doing. I also find when i add a comment to other people's blogs my prattling is more fluent and spontaneous, maybe i just think about my blog too much and should just get on with it.

So this is it; it's a journal, a few words on my life, my family and my passions; God, books, and photography, maybe even throw in a bit of family history too. - Emily's blog


  1. awww me likes the blog and aww its me well see i think your blog is more spontaneous because its just what your thinking. Just write what ever comes to your mind when you start writing.

  2. Oh and hmm do it the indian way name it after whatever you see :p

  3. Hi Pixie, I do like the Indian way naming idea, maybe i could use an online translator and use different languages :)