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Friday, 22 July 2011


I always seem to be writing my blog one day behind because i like to write in the mornings and on the days when i just don't have the time, then by the end of the day my brain is too tired and world wearly to come up with anything worth writing. Maybe i don't write anything worth writing anyway? Never mind, it's not about other people it's about me.

I've just been reading my daughter Grace's blog from yesterday and she was rambling along as usual but come next Saturday she is becoming independent and moving out for good, after spending a year at home recovering after finishing university. I've been told it 'nice' when they do that - at last. Not sure what's nice about it but i will let you know. Probably won't even notice for a while as i have four more young people staying at my house. The two daughter's will go off to university in September and the son and his lovely girlfriend will find jobs and somewhere to live by then too, i keep praying for it. Then my nest will truely be empty, that will be odd.

Tired today, more like world-weary. Just too many things to work through and to sort out. Grace also blogged about food and money, those things just keep coming up and i must admit im in the same place. Those thoughts just keep going round and round. Just imaging not needing either what a different life we would lead. Often we want more then we need, the fact that there is more of me then there should be proves that i want far more food than is good for me. 

Every morning i sit and read God's word and i am fed and yet every day i walk through a world that is starving and God-weary. If each person followed just the first two commandments; love God and love they neighbour has thyself, what a different world it would be. Can you imaging no more dissentions, no more hunger, no more war. If you pray, pray for these two things, I pray that you will live these two commandments today, tomorrow and always.

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