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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

deux chats dans la cuisine ...

I took my daughter Emily's advice and titled my blog like Indian naming ceremonies, I'm talking about American Indians here of cause.So now i'm off to do a bit of reading - one moment.

So this is what it says;

  • The American naming ceremony is considered a sacred event
  • The name is chosen by a designated Elder and isn't known to anyone else until the ceremony
  • They are based on nature
  • They were banned once by the American government
  • The name could be changed as the child grew into an adult, so the name they were known by when they were born may not be the same one when they are adults
  • Today naming ceremonies normally happen when a person is an adult and they just have the one and they also keep the name that's on their birth certificate
  • The recipient needs to requests a name from the designated Elder
  • The ceremony is long and it has never been written down so changes from tribe to tribe
  • Four guardians are appointed to represent, East, West, South, North
  • If you dishonour your name it can be taken off you

Now I didn't know that.

So what would i name my children;

  • Mike - Fast Running Bear
  • Grace - Rippling Brook or Gentle Waters
  • Emily - Sparkling Rainbow Lights
  • Bethany - Night Owl
As for me I shall leave that up to my children.

And for my title? I went into the kitchen this morning and there sat our two cats; Cookie Monster and Tinker Bell. The first one old, partly blind but getting on with life and the second a stray came in from the cold just before Christmas and just before my beautiful old cat, Lucy died in February this year. I don't know about naming ceremonies for the cats but they do tend to end up with names that have come from the heart.

Tinkerbell - balm for my heart
Lucy in her usual place - the bathroom sink

Cookie Monster - sitting in, on whatever she can find

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