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Thursday, 18 August 2011


I read a blog the other day by someone who was claiming to write a blog in 15 minutes. He advocated that we set and timer for the alloted time and sit down and write whatever came into our heads. No looking on the internet no doing last minute research, just write.

So here i am just writing. Where are my toughts tonight? Really and truthfully it's on time. We never have enough time, we are always trying to squeeze more and more things into our time so we have no time to even breath let alone find time to eat properly or sleep enough. 

There are things that happen in life that make us realise that we have no control over time. We plan, we scheme, we try our best to climb up that corporate ladder or to be seen in the right social cirlces but yet if we were honest with ourselves we would begin to realise that most of what we think we want would have no value if we were running out of time.

Today i'm giving you all the time you need to tell someone you love them. Give a friend a hug. Write a note to say 'i'm still here and i really do care.' To tell someone thank you. To hold a hand and to say a prayer. Today, this moment is the only one we may get to do these important things for tomorrow is always a day away.

Danielle when you died, time stopped. I can't explain it but for all those who have suffered grief from death of a loved one will know exactly what i mean and the rest, well, you will get your turn. Life is life. We live and then one day we leave it all behind us. For those who go forward there is only life just in a different place for those who stay there is only death. There comes odd moments when you begin to realise that time and life continues around you and although you want to shake every person you pass and make them slow down you know it would be an impossible task. So you continue on your own way, walking a little slower watching the nights turn into to days, the days into weeks and then into months and you just want to get off the carousel of life but you cannot. You must continue to walk in time.

We are all running out of time and there is nothing we can do to stop the clocks from moving forward. In all our planning me must remember to live, to love and to forgive.

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