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Monday, 8 August 2011

On saying - Thank you ...

I'm posting twice today, once on each blog, mainly because yesterday i meant to write on this page but ended up in bed with a migraine from hell. Thankfully although today i am feeling a little fragile i am working towards recovery.

I'm sure like me you have read a post from someone else, thought how amazing it was and maybe even signed up as a follower of that blog. But after a while you forget to say 'thank you' for the kind words that were given, the impact that those words have had on your life. Or maybe even add something to what someone else has said to give words of encouragement and support.

We all become so busy trying to achieve the Gold Star that we forget there are others who would like a Gold Star too. How many Gold Stars would we get if we gave them out freely? I don't know, i really don't, but i do know we alll need words of love and strength and encouragement.

Yesterday in Sunday school i taught about the martydom of Stephen. Called to 'serve tables' (Acts 6:2) yet he was so faithful he served even until the end when he prayed that God would not 'lay this sin at their charge' (Acts 7:60).Can we be that faithful? can we serve like he did? Can we willingly give gratitude where it is deserved?

How many Gold Stars can you give away this week?

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