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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I will go where you want me to go dear Lord ...

Mary and Martha Luke 10:38-42
I apologise i've been a bit lazy with my blogging this week. My thoughts are going everywhere and i wanted to say something profound but i'm not kind of person, more like a little mouse. 

In church we sing a hymn called 'I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord' and it goes on 'over moutain or plain or sea; I'll say what you want me to say, dear Lord; I'll be what you want me to be.'

People often quote this part of the hymn in talks and add the following - 'I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord, but please don't expect me to go there or do that; 

I'll say what you want me to say dear Lord, but i really can't talk to that person or say that, honest;

I'll be what you me to be dear Lord, but that's just not me and why should i change?

I've just been pondering this hymn for a few days and i've come to the conclusion that i'm following my own thoughts and actions and not those of the Lord's and i really am saying not today, not that, not now. Then His sweet spirit touches my soul and I know His will not mine be done.

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