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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Calla lily

By the side of my bed stands a calla lily. My daughter bought me it for my birthday in June. It's beautiful but recently she suffered a slight drought and some of her leaves have turned brown. She is also a little squashed and could do with more room to grow. But she is still beautiful.
God sees us as beautiful wherever we stand, even when our leaves turn a little brown or our hair a little grey and our skin not so smooth any more. But He too wants us to have room to grow. He wants us to be fed daily with the clean pure water of the His words. That we can take off the layers and grow anew.

There are days when the world calls so loudly for our attention that we forget to pause and say good morning to God. Every morning i spend time with God, reading my scriptures, praying and meditating but sometime my heart is only half in it and i feel the pull of the day and the busyness of life. But really i have no excuse for God has given me time to languish while my injured knee heals and i have space has my children are grown and don't need my constant attention any more.

Today languish in God. Soak up his love for you and walk in his ways so you can grow.

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