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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Are you Fat?

NO it's not ME
I was just going to prattle on about me being fat but i thought you might like a few statistic - figures - to look at first.

'The dress size of the average British woman has grown from a size 12 to a size 14 in just over a decade ... bust 36c, waist 28, hips 38 and height 5ft 4in'  The Independent,  26 Jun 2000

'The average British dress size is 16 while the average height is 5'4'' - The daily mail, 5 Feb 2010

'Average measurements in 2009 were 38c - 34 - 40 and even Marks and Spencers had a buy larger manikins.

So are you fat?

Actually i dont know if you are fat but even if according to those statistics you are there is still too much of me. Now i'm not a woman who worries about being stick thin or over weight of how much chocolate i eat on a daily basis but i have come to the conclusion that im just too fat.

So how did i come to this conclusion? How did i decide i was fat?

It wasn't an easy thing to decide. I'm a rounded size 18 but i used to be a lot bigger and i've got used to being this size, it's just me, the way i am. 

So what changed?

(And enough of the excuses.)

In March this year i slipped down a flight of house stairs and yes i was bruised and i ached but i didn't think much else about it. Until one day at work, 8 weeks later, my knee gave way and i had to hobble around for the next two days and since then i've been off sick - that was May.

I now have a diagnosis, although i have mild damage i have severe arthritis. So now i hobble around on two crutches and live on pain killers. For those who want to know what it feels like to have constant pain find the 'Spoon Theory'. Go on put it in Google and up it should come. It's all about choice. If i decide to do one thing will i then have the ability to do the next thing???

So i need to lose all the access weight i have 107lbs to be exact, okay i will let myself keep 7 if necessary. That works out at 7st and 6lbs approx. I need to get fitter, healthier and maybe then i will be able to go back to work.

Are you fat? Instead of answering that question, ask yourself this one - Are you healthy enough to live your life how you want to? If you can honestly answer 'yes' then you're not fat, but are you being honest??

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