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Friday, 1 April 2011

On Being a Woman

Have you ever sat and looked at yourself in a mirror? I have one that stands on the floor and is tall enough for me to stand in front of and see the whole of me.

But truthfully have you ever sat in front of a mirror and looked at yourself?

What do you see?

Do you see a worn-face, with wrinkles and blotches and hair streaked with grey?

Or do you see laughter lines and hues of age and wisdom in your hair?

Try this. Find a mirror that reflects as much of you as possible. Preferable one that sits on the floor or near too it. Now sit in front of it, go on. What do you see?

You are a daughter of the universe. You have a right to be here and to be just who are, right now, this moment. Some of us are mothers, grandmothers but all of us are daughters. Whenever i walk pass a mirror these days i always see my mother, and my grandmother. I look at my daughters and i see me and their grandmothers. But yet, after all the looking and comparing, I just see me.

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