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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Matthew's Passion

Recently I was blessed by being invited to listen to a rendition of Matthew's Passion by Bach. It was awesome, inspiring and totally amazing. That was three weeks ago. However it wasnt until Sunday just gone that i realised what Matthew's Passion was, it was Matthew's testiomony of Jesus Christ.

It got me to wondering if Jesus Christ was my passion? Was He my everything?

He invited us to 'Come unto me', come learn of me and become even as I am, Perfect.

So how can I, lowly has i am come unto Christ, be like Him and find my passion, my testiomony?

Now let me put you mind at rest, this is not a difficult or a arduous task but it needs to be a steadily ongoing. A testimony is knowing that something is true, without doubt and is something that once we know it, changes our lives and the lives of people around us. But to gain that testimony of Christ he needs to know we are serious about finding out. So try the following;

- pray often
- read the scriptures
- attend church
- learn of Him
- keep His commandments
- serve others and by doing so, serve Him

We have just finished 40 days of lent where we have given up at least temporarily all sorts of things, so for 40 more days give up a little of your time to know Christ.

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  1. Nobody is perfect, but I am sure not everyone tries their best either. :) We'll all get there eventually.