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Saturday, 16 April 2011

At the crossroads

Every once in a while i find myself standing at crossroads in my life. Actually it feels more like i'm in a rowing boat without any oars. Just spinning round and round, allowing the waves and the winds to carry me this way and that.

After a year or more of heartache and sorrow Jesus offered me his grace. It didnt come in bright coloured paper, no did it have bright gold ribbon, but it came quietly but unmistakenly into my heart.

Accepting his grace means to know that He is always there with hands outstretched to recieve our hurt, our pain and our brokeness. No one but the Saviour who suffered even unto death for me and for you can understand those moment when through life's grief we think we will never breath again. But we do!

With his grace comes faith, knowledge, understanding and eventually acceptance. He asks us to take upon us His name, to always remember Him and to keep His commandments that one day when our work is done he will welcome us home to live with him.

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