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Saturday, 2 April 2011

The naming of the three ... daughters

                                                          Bethany, Grace and Emily

My daughters are Grace, Emily and Bethany. They think they are grown up at the ages of 22, 20 and 18 respectively. However they are still the same little girls they have always been.

Before Grace was born she was going to be named Lauren. But just after she was born the midwife asked me 'did i have a name?' I dont know where the name Grace came from but even her Dad looked surprised. Grace she was and Grace she has remained. She has also been known as Gracey-Lou, Graceling and for a while she was Norma. I read recently that the grace of God empowers us to know that we are divine. I hope she knows that she is devine and lives up to the name that God gave her.

Emily is the middle one. Also known as Lemony and affectionately Gertie was supposed to have been named Fiona but again at the moment of arrival she aquired a new name. A name picked for her from God. When a couple years ago she went away to university my advice was to find the person who was different and make a friend of that person. This she did, and now has several friends.

Last but not least was Bethany. She didnt have a name at first, the only name that had been chosen was David. We were hoping for another son but God blessed us with another beautiful daughter. For 24hrs she was baby-it. Then came the discussion, I wanted Elizabeth but Dad did not. I wanted to give her the name of her Grandmother Rose but again that was disregarded. In the end  Bethany Rose was the name that was settled on and she became that name. But there is always a feeling she should of been Elizabeth Rose.

Whatever their names, beautiful all three. Kind hearted, gentle, loving and giving, I have been truely blessed.

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  1. See I do read. :)

    The director at work told me, 'if you've never disliked or told your mum that you hate her then she isn't doing her job properly'. I certainly don't hate you, and some things I say are not directed at you but at the world in general. Sometimes we say things off the mark and they affect others deeply when really we just want to let something light off our chests.

    I do love you mum, and you'll still be giving me away if I get married. x