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Thursday, 1 December 2011

a pause

It's the first of December or December 1st, it's time to pause before the hussle and bussle of the Christmas season is really upon us.

Two weeks ago, or there abouts, i visited with a friend has she was adding the last bits and pieces to her Christmas decorations, i thought it was a little early and said she was a little crazy to be trimming up so early and her reply was that her Chrsitmas shopping was complete therefore Chrsitmas was on its way. Although i must say that her tree was very pretty. On the otherhand my tree is still stuffed in its box awaiting my daughters returns from their separate universities.

To me Christmas starts on the 1st December when i finally get chance to open the first little box on the advent calender, as the count down is finally on. And no, i haven't finished all my Christmas shopping such as it is, it isn't a lot. In my little box today was a little lamb and i was reminded of the shepherd boy who thought he had nothing to give but a little lamb, which was everything he had.

What would I give if i was to give you all that i had? It would not be money for i have so little -

The first Gift is a Quiet Moment to reflect upon the year that as speedily passed us all by.

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