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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

from one who knows

26 Dec 1987 - 8 Dec 2009

At this time of year we are supposed to be celebrating but for some grief is their constant companion and lies heavy on their hearts. Take it from one who knows. But life goes on. There is a time when life and everything in it will feel like it's rushing at tremendous speed and you, well you are just trying to stand upright and breath, just breath.

There is a man who wrote a book because his daughter died, his name is Donald M Murray and the book is the Lively Shadow. There is one passage that as remained with me, although i don't remember when i read now, but it goes something like this ...'I knew if i swung my legs over the side of the bed the rest of me would follow...' If all you can do this Christmas is swing your legs over the side of the bed then keep doing it and know that you are not alone. 

There are many that have walked this path before you and there are many that will follow you. Know this that God is giving you special tools to help those that come after you and when you are ready he will provide a way for you to use them to serve others. And when the burden seems to heavy to carry one more moment cry unto Him and he will send angels to help carry it for you. Let them in, let them help, for one day you will be someone else's angel.

All must die, all must return home to Him who sent us here, to Him who loves each and everyone of us but for those who are left behind sometimes it is just too soon. 

Danielle would be the first one to help anyone, yes anyone she saw in need and the last to leave but God called her home so we could learn the lesson she didn't need to learn. I hear whispers in my heart and in my head 'I am okay' and 'live you life with heart and hands wide open.' I know she will continue to serve has she did here, it was her way but we all miss you, i miss you and the tears still come unbidden and unstoppable for all i know to be true.

For all those that mourn this Christmas know that death is not the end.

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